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Our location packages offer you a production ready image, angle variation and a matching HDR dome

Factory 35 Location Package

Featured image

A cleaned and highly finished version of one backplate, typically this is the image you will see in the search results.

Additional backplates

Up to ten additional backplates with a basic grade applied, including a non-edited version of the featured image.

Factory 35 Location Package

Matching HDR dome

An equirectangular projection of any matching HDR domes available for the location.

Similar locations

Any sister location packages can be identified by the first part of the location package code.


Some featured images are tracked using industry leading specialist tracking software. Remember, if you want to 'do your own thing' then we always provide the RAW file.

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Lighting FX

Enhanced flares, light leak and creativity all help produce a production ready image. Our flares are rendered using renowned software borrowed from the VFX industry.

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Some of our featured images have been stitched together using two or more backplates. This gives you a super wide field of view with extra resolution.

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360° environments

All of our HDR domes are a minimum of 14,000px wide. To make finding one that's suitable for a 360° spin easier, we have tagged them for you.

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Product File type Resolution
Featured image .dng Min 6,992 x 4,666 px
Additional backplates .dng 7,360 x 4,912 px
HDR dome .exr Min 14,000 x 7,000 px

About DNG

A digital negative file [.dng] is the universal standard raw format. It allows us to give you lossless data resulting in the best image quality you can possibly get.

Working with .dng files is easy. Using Adobe Camera Raw [part of Adobe Photoshop] you can convert them to whichever file type you like, without any loss of quality. They also have the added benefit of a significantly smaller file size so downloading them should take a matter of seconds.

> See how in this short video

Additional information

Featured images

The stylised grading on a featured image has been applied to give it a creative look. We have cleaned and retouched these images including the removal of dust spots. If the grade is not to your taste you will always be supplied the RAW version allowing you to apply your own.

Additional backplates

The additional backplates are supplied to offer you some variation and potential scene extension. These backplates have been given a basic grade that can easily be removed in Adobe Camera Raw. No cleaning or retouching has been done.

HDR domes

We try to capture our domes in the best possible position for the corresponding backplates. In urban locations in particular this isn't always possible due to congestion and photographer safety. When this is the case we will attempt to capture an HDR dome as close to the scene as possible.
Our goal is to capture a matching HDR dome with ever location, however on occasions this may not be possible. If a location package does not have a matching HDR dome we are confident you will find an alternative from our large collection.

360° environments

Some of our HDR domes are specifically recommended for 360° environment use. We have identified these primarily by their capture position being in the road or in an unobstructed open space. Domes that are not recommended may have a less-ideal capture position, large objects in close proximity or movement such as people and traffic.


The featured image version of a panorama is cleaned and retouched, including any imperfections from the stitching process. Our panoramas are stitched in RAW which allows us to retain the highest quality data possible. This means, on some non-featured image panoramas found in the additional backplates, there may be small imperfections in the stitch that will need to be corrected in post production.