LizardQ Viewer

The LizardQ Viewer is a free to use 360° panoramic image viewer. As it requires no installation you can easily use it on both your Mac and PC.

If you have Premium Access you can download any HDR dome in Jpeg format and use the LizardQ Viewer to assess it in more detail.

For more information on the LizardQ Viewer and the people behind it see here.

Advanced search tips

Typically you will find images on our site by typing one or more keywords into the search bar, or navigating your way from one of our collections. These tips will help you drill down quicker if you already have something in mind.

Searching with two or more keywords

Find images that have both words…

Example, 'city day' or 'city AND day' will return all images that have both keywords in their metadata. Note that AND is default and does not need to be typed manually.

Find images that have either word…

Example, 'mountain OR desert' will return images that have either the 'mountain' keyword or the 'desert' keyword in their metadata. Note that OR must be in capital letters.

Searching for specific image types

To search for Tracking shots try…

So, 'rig shot mountain' will give you mountain tracking shots only

To search for HDR domes try…

So, 'hdr city' will give you city HDR domes
and 'hdr city day' will give you daytime city HDR domes only

To search for 360° environments try…

So, 'hdr 360 spin night' will give you night time 360° environments only

To search for Panoramas try…

So, 'panorama coastal' will give you coastal panoramas only

To get started try clicking the links below then adding your own keyword to the search box.

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