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Tracking shots

We've put these videos together for those of you who are interested in tracking your own featured images. Currently this requires specialist software and all our tracking is done using VirtualRig™ Studio.

Whilst the results can be stunning we appreciate this is an expensive piece of software to invest in and would therefore like to make it clear that we're not expecting you to go out and spend money on it. We just wanted to share these tutorials so you can keep developing your skill set overtime.

If you would like to practice these techniques you can download a full working demo version.

> VirtualRig™ Studio

Basic tracking

Standard tracking

Perspective tracking

Essential Software

To get going you're going to need a licence to some basic software, this list currently includes…

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • LR/TreeExporter [Lightroom Plugin]
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • PTGui Pro

All our video tutorials and workflow are based on using the above software and we can offer support, should you have any issues. If you wish to use other software such as third party photoshop plugins or an alternative HDR stitching program you may do so however, we cannot offer any support. Please also note, you cannot use Capture One as it does not fully support the DNG file format.

Non essential software although recommended includes…

  • Name Mangler [Mac only - various PC alternatives are available]