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Optimise your Lightroom catalogue

Lightroom has a tendency to make your catalogue file size increase over time. If you're using a catalogue time and time again to manage a whole shoot for example, it can start to affect performance. The simplest way to manage this is to use the optimise catalogue feature in Lightroom.

If you no longer need your 1:1 previews you can save some space by deleting these too. Go Library > Previews > Discard 1:1 Previews…

Both of these changes should help performance improve and are worth doing from time to time.

Submitting previews

Our preview gallery cuts the amount of time your imagery spends sitting on a hard drive and instead gets it in front of customers as quickly as possible. By submitting previews our registered users can browse your new shoots and we can put your imagery in lightboxes when live briefs come in.

The minimum requirement to submit previews is that the files are renamed with your contributor ID. We advise you then do an initial edit and select a range of shots that resemble the location packages you will eventually produce.

Once this is done, those images can be output with the following settings and uploaded to your FTP folder.

Tree Exporter

You are unlikely to find what on the face of it seems like a more mundane plugin out there. Yet, this little power house is one of those fundamental tools you can't understand why the guys at Adobe don't build into Lightroom.

What it does. Quite simply, it replicates the original folder structure on export [Lightroom can only export into one folder at a time without it].

The plugin is made by Photographers Toolbox and like several of their plugins they ask for a donation amount of your choice.

This plugin is essential and works with our export presets you have been provided.

> Get LR/TreeExporter 

Lightroom shortcuts

If you use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom a lot then you can speed up your workflow significantly by becoming familiar with the shortcuts for commonly used actions. Bookmark this page for reference.

If you want to take things to the next level you can create your own shortcuts. Some commonly used actions do not have a shortcut assigned by default such as 'Build 1:1 previews'. To do this the Photographers Toolbox have created a plugin called Keyboard Tamer. In return they ask for a donation amount of your choice. If you are a committed shortcut user then we highly recommend this plugin.

The plugin allows you to create your own shortcuts, as shown here with Option+Shift+D being used to convert photos to DNG.

The plugin allows you to create your own shortcuts, as shown here with Option+Shift+D being used to convert photos to DNG.

Editing locations

This two part video tutorial will walk you through the editing process of a location, from getting the raw files from your camera to being ready to grade your imagery.

Editing locations Part 1

Includes: filing, building a catalogue, editing into location packages, check for quality and preparing HDR captures for stitching.

Editing locations - Part 2

Includes: stitching HDR domes, filing and importing back into catalogue.

Setting up Lightroom preferences

How you have Lightroom set up visually is up to you but we advise making these changes when producing imagery for Factory 35 to keep your workflow running smoothly.

The file name settings for editing externally should be set like this…


Please make sure these preferences are used to avoid any errors that could cause submissions to be rejected.