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Flare pack 2

This new flare pack offers another twenty flares for you to use on your featured images. From natural sun flares to some crazy artificial 'out of this world' ones, overlay them on your images and give your location a whole new feel.

Remember, when using flares you can be a lot more creative than just slapping them on as they are. Tweak their colour and intensity, combine them, blur them, do whatever you want with them to create fantastic light FX. 

Watch our tutorial video on applying flares to your featured images here.

> Download Flare pack 2

Light spot pack 1

This new set of flares is specifically designed to allow you to enhance street lights in your urban night locations and will allow you to add a sun spot or moon where needed.

Overlay the artificial flares on the original street lights within your image to give an enhanced flare, bring more consistency to lights with variable white balance or even fix a broken light all together.

Use the natural flares to add a subtle bit of drama to your image such as a sun glint above a mountain or a moon in the night sky.

These flares are rendered on a large square at three different sizes so you can blend the edges in and apply as your wish.

> Download Light spot pack 1

Flare pack 1

Using specialist VFX software we have created a pack of pre-rendered flares for you to use when grading your featured images. Make realistic enhancements to original lighting or add a dramatic stylistic effects to your images.

The pack contains a range or artificial and natural flares that are designed to be used with images of a resolution up to 36MP.

Please watch this tutorial video to help you get the best results.

> Download Flare pack 1