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Upload via WeTransfer

You can submit your locations to us using our WeTransfer page. Go to to get started.

PLEASE NOTE: This process will take longer than using our FTP because we have to download each location. If you’re looking to make a large submission please use the FTP instead. You can follow the steps to connect with our FTP here.

If you are going to submit locations using our WeTransfer, please do the following.

  1. Submit each location as a single download. Larger files have more chance of corrupting.

  2. If you’re submission is over 1 GB consider using a Split Zip. On a Mac you can do this using Keka, a fantastic free file archiver.

  3. Make sure you send the submission to so we are notified.

Upload via FTP

Large submissions should always be submitted to us via FTP. It’s the most robust way for you to send us your imagery and we’ll be able to process it much quicker as we don’t have to download it from the ‘cloud’.

To access our FTP go to and login using the details we have provided you. Make sure to upload your submission to the folder with your name. If you’ve lost your login details please get in touch with us.

For both Mac and PC we highly recommend using FileZilla, it’s free and robust. See our post on FileZilla here.

Optimise your Lightroom catalogue

Lightroom has a tendency to make your catalogue file size increase over time. If you're using a catalogue time and time again to manage a whole shoot for example, it can start to affect performance. The simplest way to manage this is to use the optimise catalogue feature in Lightroom.

If you no longer need your 1:1 previews you can save some space by deleting these too. Go Library > Previews > Discard 1:1 Previews…

Both of these changes should help performance improve and are worth doing from time to time.

Submitting previews

Our preview gallery cuts the amount of time your imagery spends sitting on a hard drive and instead gets it in front of customers as quickly as possible. By submitting previews our registered users can browse your new shoots and we can put your imagery in lightboxes when live briefs come in.

The minimum requirement to submit previews is that the files are renamed with your contributor ID. We advise you then do an initial edit and select a range of shots that resemble the location packages you will eventually produce.

Once this is done, those images can be output with the following settings and uploaded to your FTP folder.

Location example

All Photographers see things differently but the location packages below are considered good examples of how best to capture a location. By staying focused on the best compositions you will produce a consistent set of location packages that a customer can easily understand. 

The biggest advantage to yourself however will be the time you save when it comes to editing and grading. Trust us, we have been there and this advice comes from experience.

Browse the library and look at the work others have produced to make your own judgement of what works and what doesn't work for you.









A few things to remember…

  • Stay focused on one place you see the vehicle working in
  • Aim to shoot 3–5 camera positions that work for that location
  • Always try and capture an HDR dome
  • Don't make life hard for yourself by being sporadic in approach
  • Get the job done and move on to the next one
  • Refer to the shooting help sheet when needed